The Research and Education Network portal (ren.ng) is the community-driven portal and gateway to information and resources offered by the Research and Education Network providers in Nigeria and its collaborators. The portal serves as cloud space to access infrastructure, resources and content that promote Open Science and Open Access practice.

This portal leverages Trust and Identity frameworks to ensure that only known and trusted users from the Nigerian research and education community and known collaborators can safely and securely use this platform.

We implement Trust and Identity using the Nigerian Identity Federation for our users to access existing and new services that will be available to the research and education community.

Services currently offered

E-learning: Single Sign-On (SSO) via federated identity to our Moodle-based e-learning platform including a suite of integrated tools such as video-conferencing gives our users and institutions a rich and easy to use environment to create and disseminate e-learning activities for institutions. The service is complemented by our team of technical support, e-learning instructors and consultants that can assist institutions efficiently adopt online teaching and learning in their digital transformation efforts.

Nigerian Identity Federation (eduID.ng): Federated Identity and Access Management, provides a secure and privacy-preserving trust fabric for research and higher education institutions and their service provider partners ensuring secure access, and easy deployment of institutions Identity Provider to connect to a growing number of online services and platforms.

eduroam (Education Roaming): eduroam is the secure, worldwide roaming WI-Fi access service developed for the international research and education community. eduroam provides students, researchers and staff from participating institutions with Internet access across their own campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply using their mobile devices or laptops.

Repository.ng: Research Data Management Platform. The turn-key research data management repository will be piloted as a national repository that researchers, librarians and other stakeholders in Nigerian research can exploit for increased collaboration and improved monitoring and visibility of research outputs.

Zoom Video Conferencing: Zoom Video Conferencing service is available for institutions of higher education and research institutions primarily. Institutions that subscribe to the Zoom services will have the option to provide their staff and students with a premium Zoom licence and its features.

Kotahi: An Open Access Journal Publishing Platform, the Kotahi service will provide a one-stop publishing platform with highly configurable workflows to publish and discover research and scholarly output from our researchers and academics much easier and cheaper.